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Ichiban Kuji: Jujutsu Kaisen The Second - 59827

Ichiban Kuji: Jujutsu Kaisen The Second - 59827

We are pleased to announce that Ichiban Kuji has launched another series: Jujutsu Kaisen The Second

For those who are not familiar, Ichiban Kuji is a popular mystery prize game from Japan where you can win a exclusive collectible figure and every ticket is a winner!

There are 80 prizes to be won! Your customer can buy any number of tickets for a chance to win any of the prizes in the images. 

Prizes lineup:

○ A Prize - Yuji Itadori Figure (1 design, 2pc)
○ B Prize - Megumi Fushiguro Figure (1 design, 2pc)
○ C Prize - Nobara Kugisaki Figure (1 design, 1pc)
○ D Prize - Satoru Gojo Figure (1 design, 3pc)
○ E Prize - Acrylic Stand (7 design, 13pc)
○ F Prize - Clear File Set (4 design, 14pc)
○ G Prize - Rubber Charm (15 design, 30pc)
○ H Prize - Mini Figures (5 design, 15pc)

○ Last Prize - Sukuna Figure


SKU 59827
Brand Bandai
License Jujutsu Kaisen
Released Date 9/30/2021
Package Type Closed Box
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